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Building a house or adding an addition to an existing structure is far more complex than our 'fast-food' lifestyle would suggest it should be. The reality is that the final project is a 'hard-good' not unlike a car or an appliance in that you, the customer, will be living with the effects of the design phase for as long as you live in that structure.

The question is whether it is a home or a commodity? Most of us recognize the house we live in as a home, and as such deserves the kind of attention we would want for our families, because it will be serving them long term. The structural aspect of the building is not secondary to the design; it is what allows the design to stand the 'test of time'. If not built well, it won't matter how well conceived or rendered the design is.

So in this regard we consider function first; then form. The drawings that will yield both elements, then, are obviously of vital importance. We have the unique experience of having been builders before designers and therefore have a far better understanding of the value of the drawings, and what kind of sectionals and details are necessary to insure the final product's longevity.

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