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Bernard Woodworking has been privileged to enjoy all elements of the trade including custom design and drawing. It is our firm belief that you cannot be entirely successful in the trade if you are divorced from this phase of a project. In order to proceed confidently in the construction of someone’s home, you have to be invested in it. The only way to be fully invested is to have a full understanding of all phases of the project.

Being involved in the design phase gives us a unique vantage point because we have been actively involved in not only architectural details but structure as well. By the time we lift a hammer, we have already been appraised of the minor details of the project and worked out the vast majority of problems.

During the design phase we are working on materials lists as well as meeting with sub-contractors, working out scheduling conflicts and coordination issues. The end result is a low stress, high quality approach that renders a completed project that is free of nuisance punch lists.

We also pride ourselves in encouraging customers to stay involved at every level of the project as they feel comfortable. Whether it is a new home or the remodeling of an existing home, the point is it is their home. We are sensitive to that fact as contractors and as home owners.

We are also strong believers in gifting. The hiring process for us begins with an assessment of the whole person. A fact that is lost on the modern world is that not all people are gifted for all work.

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